NEW ALBUM: If I Should Go Before You - Out Oct 9

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NEW ALBUM: If I Should Go Before You - Out Oct 9
Over the last two years I've had the great pleasure of touring with an unbelievable group of musicians, who I can now safely call some of my best friends. If I Should Go Before You is the record I made with those friends. It's not "exclusive" to anyone - Not to Tidal or Apple Music or Spotify or Rdio or anywhere in particular - but you can find it in all those places. It’s a collection of 11 songs - the thoughts I had on my mind: a last ditch effort to find something better and leave well enough alone. You can steal it, stream it or even buy it! Just try to enjoy it. I know I do.
- dallas

If I Should Go Before You will officially be released, worldwide, on Friday, October 9, 2015.  Here is how you can get it:

Starting this Friday, July 24, 2015 the album will be available for pre-order. Digital pre-orders will be available through all digital retailers and we will have some exclusive physical bundles available at 10am EST at  All pre-orders will include an instant download of the lead track “Woman”

Stay tuned as details and prices of the exclusive bundles will be announced later in the week.


01. Woman
02. Northern Blues 
03. Mizzy C
04. If I Should Go Before You
05. Killing Time 
06. Wasted Love 
07. Runaway 
08. Lover Come Back 
09. Map Of The World 
10. Friends 
11. Blood